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CBD Oil Lemon Honey Tea | CBDgoodness

The use of CBD is legal, and that has seen a significant number of people incorporate it into their daily routines. You should, however, note the industry is yet to come up with an incredible and effective way of administering CBD. Among the most common techniques of consuming CBD is the incorporation of cannabidiol oil in numerous food preparation techniques, including those of drinks and foods.

Tea enthusiasts should consider having this CBD oil tea recipe for utmost relaxation and stress alleviation.



  1. Boil the water
  2. Transfer it to a larger bowl or jar and submerge your preferred tea bag until you get the perfect tea
  3. Proceed by adding honey, CBD guava extract, and lemon
  4. Stir until everything mixes well, for a pleasant taste
  5. Serve it hot in two mugs


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