5 Health Benefits of CBD for Seniors

5 Health Benefits of CBD for Seniors

Since the legalization of CBD and all CDB-derived products in 2018, with most states legalizing the use of CBD for health purposes, CBD products have been on the rise. More research into its application in supporting health is being carried out daily and the results are revolutionary. A particular point of interest so far is in the use of CBD products for supporting health and wellness in seniors. 

Many seniors are not aware of how medical cannabis could improve their quality of life and how the stereotypical marijuana user and use have changed. Because CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, seniors can take advantage of the medical benefits afforded by the extract without the head or body sensation often associated with marijuana. Additionally, seniors have the option of delivering CBD to their bodies in forms more familiar, rather than inhaling smoke. CBD is an oil extract and therefore can be added to things like topical gels, tinctures, and edible products.1

Herbal Goodness CBD Guava leaf liquid extract and CBD Papaya leaf liquid extract are examples of great products derived from CBD. The Herbal Goodness CBD liquids are made from 100% non-GMO ingredients. Each bottle contains 250 mg per bottle, of water-soluble CBD Isolate which amounts to 8mg per serving. CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains no THC. It’s also tasteless and odorless. This makes it preferable to other forms of CBD. There are several CBD products on the shelves in stores, most of which make tall health claims. It is important to buy from reputable manufacturers approved by the FDA.

CBD products are safe for seniors and contain incredible health-supporting benefits. Some of those benefits will be explored in this article.

Health Benefits of CBD for seniors

  • Brain Support: CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system in your brain. That system helps manage feel-good responses and activities within the brain. But activating this signaling system with CBD may have benefits for other parts of the brain, too.2
  • Calm Support: CBD may have the potential to help manage anxiety. Researchers think that it might change the way that the brain’s receptors respond to serotonin, which is closely associated with mental health outcomes. In one study, social anxiety sufferers were able to give a speech more easily with the help of CBD. Additionally, research done with animals has shown decreased expression of anxiety with CBD. CBD can help promote stress reduction and lead to fewer physiological effects from anxiety, like increased heart rate.
  • Mood boost: Seniors are more likely to experience a mood drop as they age. This could be due to loneliness, loss of loved ones, grief and health decline. They feel isolated and start to experience negative mood changes. CBD has been shown to help with these and other related conditions. CBD may interact with brain receptors that are involved in mood regulation. CBD can promote stress reduction, mindfulness and improvement in cognitive function. This powerful combination can strongly contribute to how the mind perceives its situation. This can be a positive mood enhancer. 3
  • Sleep Support: As we age, sustaining long hours of deep sleep becomes more difficult. And deep sleep is necessary as this is the period our brain regenerates and gets rid of toxic substances produced by the body at one point or the other during the day. Therefore, sleep quality is also of immense importance to prevent age-related brain conditions. Very often, seniors fall back on sleeping aids but they have a tendency to be addictive and also have many side-effects. CBD extracts can help in the extension of the deep sleep phase and the reduction of the lighter sleeping phases. Higher quality sleep can be the end result. They also promote calmness and relaxation. This can be a natural way to lead to more regular and helpful sleep for older adults. 
  •  Bone Health: Seniors’ bones are more fragile and have a higher risk of fracture, due to their poor reflexes which make them more prone to falling than those of younger adults. However, even those who manage to stay off the floor still must deal with conditions that lead to weakened bones which are caused by mineral losses. These conditions leave their bones more fragile and easily broken. Cannabis could provide a great need for the elderly as it relates to bone fragility. According to a study, cannabis use can help heal fractures and support healthier bones. Taking CBD liquid extract could help promote cell repair, and even strengthen bones. 

Herbal Goodness CBD liquid extracts are a great way to boost health and quality of life in seniors. We believe that aging is not a curse or a death sentence but a testimony of a life well-lived. "Vibrance" should not only be a term associated with youth but also with living healthy and optimally. Dosing is mostly an issue when taking CBD, that is why Herbal Goodness recommends you see a doctor before taking any CBD product as most CBD products do not come with dosage. 


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